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Lately I’ve had a bit of spare time, so I’ve been doing some good ‘ol Spring cleaning. I was giving a shelving unit a while ago, but up until now, it’s been sitting outside collecting dust. I’ve cleaned it up, moved it inside and I finally have somewhere to show off all my knick knacks!

Yeah, you can see how much of a Harry Potter nerd I am.

Here’s a close up of some of the shelves;

1) My travel themed shelf! A whole lot of Lonely Planet guides and a little globe I picked up for $2 from an op shop. There’s also a book called “How to be Canadian” which was one of my many op shopped books. My Canadian-born fiance loves it and tells me that it’s all true.

2) A piggy bank (with only a few coins womp womp), a brass clamshell sugar holder (I think), a very cool container from the sixties which I’ll post a picture of sometime, a Lake Louise numberplate and some glow in the dark zoo animals.

3) Panda, my childhood teddy bear which I could never give up, a cake holder which is now a nail polish holder, a painting by numbers set and some vintage sunglasses.

4) Books borrowed from friends and the library, with a little iron llama keeping charge, some styling 70’s containers which hold some of my jewellery and some more vintage sunglasses,

5) Bit of a green theme. An op shopped vase, an op shopped colander with all my bangles and some non-vintage but crazy, crazy sunglasses.

It’s so good to get all my op shop finds in one place and more importantly, with a place. Usually I bring this stuff home and realise I have nowhere to put it.

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