my home

Winter warmers

It looks like winter has finally hit Perth. Months of looking at Sydney and Melbourne’s awful weather has prepared me and now I am armed with everything I need for chilly weather.


The couch where I spend most of my time online/watching tv/snuggling

Couch: free! donated by a family friend * Cushions: $2 each from the Good Sammies Perth CBD * Crocheted blanked: knitted by my nanna * Archie the kitty: Shenton Park Cat Haven

Citrus fruit for warding off colds. So far, so good! I have a bad habit of buying fruit and forgetting about it so by keeping these on the kitchen bench, I remember to eat them. The oranges came from my parents own fruit tree but if you’re in the Perth hills, there are a lot of homes selling fresh fruit for cheap.

Colander: $4 from the Vinnies on Albany Hwy

Soup mugs to tempt me into making soup. I made a huge pot of Minestrone and to be honest, it was awful. I think I managed to burn it. I have no idea how I managed to burn it, but it certainly tasted burnt. Next up: my favourite, pumpkin soup


It’s only early but I think I’m ready to revert from my usual winter-hating self

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