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Business casual

One of my favourite and easiest to find items to op shop are button up shirts. All of them; blouses, business shirts, beach coverups, comfy flanno, whatever I can find. I read one blogger (I can’t remember who, sorry!) mention that she cuts the sleeves off her shirts to toughen them up a little and I thought ‘genius! how come I never came up with that?!’ So here’s my first attempt at toughening up a business shirt.


Normal ‘ol business shirt, $4 from the Good Sammies Perth CBD


Not-so-business shirt which naturally had to go with some shorts that I’d made from some old op shopped jeans. A nice, easy outfit which I can change in style according to the accessories I choose. (today: belt $4 from Vinnies in Osbourne Park, brooch 80c from an accessories store in Bali and shoes $15 from Target).

I have to admit, I was a little aprehensive moments before I started cutting up the shirt. It was a nice business shirt! What if I wanted to wear it as a business shirt someday? I just had to remind myself that op shops are FULL of business shirts and if I want another one then I’ll have no problems finding a replacement.

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