My entry to sewing queen-dom

A few weeks ago, my mum picked up a couple of free sewing machines from Freecycle Perth. The original owner didn’t know if they worked because they’re quite old but Mum had a play around and apart from a non-working light, all is fine!

Archie examines the new toy

The owner had made one of those wrist pin cushion things that neatly wraps around the top bit of the machine (sewing machine expert, I am not)

A kit with extra needles, bobbins, repair stuff I’m hoping to never have to use and a circular thingy whose use isn’t yet apparent. But hey, all part of the fun, right?

Luckily the machine came with a user guide and a certificate of ownership. Do sewing machines still come with 30 year warranties? Either way, this one still works great.

So Mum has given me a quick lesson which involved sewing a handkerchief – quite useful since I think I slept through Home Ec classes in Year 8 and spent an entire semester sewing a pillowcase that didn’t actually fit any pillows in my house.

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