my home

Vanity corner

I moved house around 6 months ago from a cheaply built home that was clearly intended to be a rental to a home that well, feels like a home. It’s built to be warm and cosy with enough powerpoints in the kitchen (my old home had all appliances placed precariously near the sink) and living areas that are livable.

One of my favourite features is an inbuilt vanity in our bedroom;

Peeking in; the only photo I managed to get without my reflection in the mirror


I use a corkboard to hang all of my necklaces but I’m running out of space so I think I’m going to add some of my jewellery to the Opshopped Etsy


I found this tray last week at the Vinnies on Scarborough Beach Rd. It was stamped JAJ and Made in England so with a little Googling, I found the same design at Delilah Vintage on a gravy boat and saucer. My tray is too big to be the saucer to a gravy boat (it’s around 40cm long) so I’m guessing there was one amazing JAJ dinner set out there in the Sixties. Either way, I’m using the tray for my perfumes and lipstick collection for now.


I try to keep my sunglasses organised; it doesn’t last.

1. Paola Loves To Shop 2. From the now-closed Vinnies on Albany Hwy 3. One of those cheap clothing stores in the Perth CBD 4. From the still open Vinnies on Albany Hwy 5. Aforementioned cheap clothing store 6. & 7. Wannabe Ray Bans from Bali


I’ve featured these stackable containers in before but after moving house, they’ve ended up in my bedroom.

Bracelets are a mix of opshopping and my Bali trip. And in the corner, you can see Panda, which was the soft toy I couldn’t part with throughout my childhood.

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