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One tip I always read from Etsy sellers is that packaging goes a long way. Now I’m the sort of person who turns up to a birthday with the present still in the store’s bag (hopefully I’ve remembered to take out the receipt) or hastily wrapped in newspaper. If you need more, Mia Freedman has written about this exact thing.

So when someone buys something from my Etsy, I frantically look for something – anything – to make my stuff reach Etsy standards.

I have these cute little post-it notes from Kikki-K which I’ve tried to use before but they fall off straight away. But I just happened to have my sewing machine out at the time, so I found some old scraps and made these;


…and then I broke my sewing machine. Once I call mum and get her to help me fix it, I’ll make some more labels. This time, they’ll be hemmed and maybe even button holes to loop the ribbons through (though I don’t know if I’m quite at the button hole level of sewing yet).

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