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Favourite things: plaid buttondown

Plaid shirts are the easiest things to find in opshops. Show me a person who doesn’t own a cheap plaid button down and I’ll show you a person who hasn’t been opshopping. I’ve collected my fair share of plaid shirts – mainly flannos – but this one gets the title of my favourite.

It was also the cheapest shirt I’ve bought. It was in the 50c rack -the one that clothes go to when they haven’t even sold when their tag colour is has the week of half price. If the shirt didn’t sell in the next 7 days, it would be sent off to become stuffing in dog’s beds. We could say I was the shirt’s saviour, right? Right.

The shirt is perfect for every occasion:

Rocking on play equipment intended for five year olds…

Be hungover…

Sit in tropical places without dying of heatstroke

Seriously, this shirt is cool enough to wear during summer to avoid getting sunburned at music festivals. I can layer it under a coat in winter without feeling stuffy. It doesn’t need to be ironed! I can get dressed in the dark and not feel frumpy or unfashionable.

Best 50 cents I ever spent.

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