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Red pants

I usually don’t get “real” weekends so when I do happen to get a Saturday AND Sunday off, i try to make the most of it.

So today, my best mate and I managed to;

~ get brunch at Wild Fig Cafe

~ shop for Father’s Day

~ join the masses at Ikea (I didn’t buy anything, what an achievement!)

~ do all our fruit and veggie shopping

We both went to the Station Street markets for the first time and it’s was so overwhelming! There were so many people and so many types of fruit and veggie. I thought I knew what I needed to buy, but as soon as I walked in my mind went blank. Next time I’m bringing a shopping list. I came out with so much stuff so around $20.

Since I’m looking forward to relaxing after a busy day, I just got some quick outfit photos in the kitchen.

Shirt: opshopped, jeans: ASOS, Cons: hand-me-downs


These jeans were part of my recent ASOS haul. I usually can never find pants that cover my butt and I bought these on sale but not really expecting them to fit but they’re so stretchy and not super low waisted so they’re fine! If anything, I could’ve gone for a size down. Miracles do happen, I guess

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