I know most of the world is preparing for winter, but in Perth, Spring has well and truly sprung. While there is still a chill in the air, it is amazing to stand out in the sun. I’ve been venturing back to the beach for some seaside scrolls and can’t wait to include a nice refreshing swim in my beach routine.
During the times I’ve been stuck inside (ie – when I’m at work), I’ve been browsing through Etsy and making a warm weather shopping list. Here are a few things I love;

Just because it’s Spring, doesn’t mean I can’t wear capes – from Jezzybelles


This dress would be perfect for a festival; I’m thinking Southbound – from Far From Here


Me, a light cotton dress, this belt and cocktails at a bar by the beach – from Gwyneth Vintage


Summer is the time for spontenaety!  Garage sale trawling in the morning, icecreams in the park in the afternoon and meeting friends at the bar in the evening. No time to stop home but luckily these sandals are appropriate for everywhere – from Sunflower Bean


Time for a bit of Spring cleaning which means adding some new art to brighten up a room – from Aeropagita Prints

2 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. A lovely spring list! I especially love those sandals. Oh and please feel free to send some of your Perth Springyness my way – it’s still feeling very wintery in Victoria!

    Katie x

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