music monday

Music Monday: Blur

If you’ve seen some of my recent Music Monday posts, I’m sure you’ve realised that I spent most of the 90s listening to almost entirely commercial pop. Yes, it’s true. I wanted to be Baby Spice and I wanted to pretend I was in love with a Backstreet Boy (hormones hadn’t kicked in yet) and I thought all the songs I listened to were about love when really they were about sex.

This meant that I missed a lot of great music by great bands. (When my dad played Smells Like Teen Spirit, I was 12 and commented that I think I’d heard this song before, was it new? This was in 1999) Blur was one of these bands. Until I was in uni, they were one of those dull bands that just mumbled their way through a song about nothing and only played the same three notes over and over again in every single song – except for Song 2, that song rocked. Then I turned 18 and became hip and cool and down with things. But I still never actually owned a single Blur cd (thanks to Limewire) until recently.

Yep. What a great find. Now I clearly don’t know much about Blur so I look to Wikipedia and unfortunately, there really isn’t much interesting there either. Damon Albon did explain the album as “the travels of the mystical lager-eater, seeing what’s going on in the world and commenting on it.” and it did get lots of great reviews but that’s as exciting as it gets. If you’re a Blur buff, I recommend you go and add to the article because this album is actually really good.


The price tag is still stuck on as a reminder of how much music used to cost. “Only $27.95? Bargain!” Oh the days before downloading and JB Hifi.


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