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Out to the Outback

photo from Wags on Travelblog

Tomorrow I’m heading off to Kalgoorlie for the Kalgoorlie Cup! My friends have hired a minibus that we will attempt to drive, we’ve booked a whole lotta rooms at a hostel and we’ve been discussing accessorising on Twitter.

For those of you not from Western Australia, here’s where it is

Don’t believe the pretty green map because Kalgoorlie is anything but green. It’s slap bang in the middle of the desert and is surrounded by dirt, dirt and more dirt. And lots and lots of gold. It was one of those towns that went crazy during the gold rush and even now, you can go out with a metal detector and try your luck.

The other thing Kalgoorlie is know for is boobs. The hostel we’re staying at has 2 brothels almost across the road. One runs tours during the day. The other looks a little like the brothels in Amsterdam with girls standing behind glass doors and a lovely owner who last year, told us girls to “stick together and look after each other.” Warms the cockles of your heart. There are also bartenders in various state of undress, but it’s better to avoid that side of the bar (each bar has a skimpy side and a not-so-skimpy side).

Either way, I have a fun new outfit to wear, my betting cap on and I’m hopefully prepared for the School of Mines’ champagne breakfast (a bacon and egg sandwich and a bottle of Passion Pop. No glass required). See you all on Monday!

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