music monday

Music Monday: The Cramps

Well I’ve made it back from Kalgoorlie alive and what an achievement that is. I left my camera at home and broke my phone on the first night so I only have a small amount of photos on a disposable camera and that’ll take a few days to be developed, so there are no photos right now. BUT I did managed to get a spot of op shopping done and now have enough cds and records to last for another year of Music Mondays.

Starting off, we have The Cramps album, A Date With Elvis. To set the scene, I found this in a town called Coolgardie where there was a display of vintage cars lining the street. All we needed was a record player and a few circle skirts and we’d have a bit of a street party going.

Back cover

The Cramps remind me of house parties that end with everyone sleeping on the floor – if they sleep at all. The kind where you think “I might just have a quick nap on this comfy looking couch” and wake up 3 hours later, disorientated and surrounded my other people who weren’t lucky enough to find a couch or a blanket.

Inside sleeve

The entire record is full of double entendres. I don’t know if you can see it in the picture, but the final song on Side 1 is Can Your Pussy Do the Dog? which includes a few ruffs and meows. Other track names are (Hot Pool Of) Womanhood, Hot Pearl Snatch and Kizmiaz (hint: say it out loud). Yep, all in the name of some good ‘ol psychobilly



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