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Why I love the country

One of the reasons I love the country (after the amazing sunsets, cheap pubs and wildlife everywhere) is the amazing op shops. You can count on them being cheap (as op shops should be!) and full of amazing finds that include stuff that is actually vintage and not Supre from three seasons ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much op shopping time on this trip and I didn’t even set foot in a Kalgoorlie op shop (but I did stare wistfully in the window and it looks amazing) but I did get a little shopping done.

Mundaring Vinnies technically not country, but so far from the city that I’m counting it


Amazing shell purse // Striped tshirt with shoulder pads – currently debating whether or not to remove the shoulder pads

Vintage store in Coolgardie



Stack of records, modeled by Archie // Tea cups – I’m collecting them for a wedding related project

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