outfit post

Mirror shot

Some of my favourite op shopped outfits are the most simple and comfortable


jumper, belt and jeans all op shopped; well worn boots from Payless

Also, Perth vintage lovers, there is some free stuff for you at the Perth Fashion Festival this weekend.

Restyle fashion parade
Friday 23rd September @Fashion Central – Forrest Chase

Clothing sourced from op shops all over Perth, styled by seven local designers in one runway show. You can even take home your favourite outfit with pieces being auctioned off at the end of the show.

Restyle workshop
Saturday 24th September @Cultural Centre Northbridge

I have a really bad habit of buying skirts that are too long, jeans that are out of style and jackets that look a bit worse for wear, thinking that with a bit I mending, hemming or dying that I’ll come out with something fabulous. Unfortunately, everything ends up in my “to sew” pile until I give up and redonate.
This workshop will change that by showing how to refashion op shop finds and clothes sitting at the back of your wardrobe into something wearable and gasp! Maybe even a little cool.

Usually I don’t make it to any PFF events so I’m excited to see what’s in store!

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