Perth Fashion Festival: Restyle Workshop

Well my weekend went from dullsville with intervals of work to crazy busy. I’m typing this from work where I can hear Parklife thumping a block away. I’m so devastated I couldn’t go so I timed my lunch break so that I could wander down in time for Santigold. I couldn’t see anything (except security eying me suspiciously) but I did get to hear a few songs. I hope everyone had an amazing day!

As planned, I made it to the Restyle fashion show and workshop yesterday and will be uploading photos during the week.

I stuck around at the Restyle campsite for the sewing workshop run by Chloe from from lonely as a cloud and I’m very happy I did.

She patiently went through shortening and bringing in garments – something which seems quite simple but had been a struggle for myself. Each time, she went through the quick and easy way then unpicked and showed us the (slightly) more difficult and professional way. Finally my pile of “to fix” clothes isn’t so daunting!

It was also interesting to hear about her time starting out as someone who was just interested in clothes to studying textiles and design at Tafe and now running a business.

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