PFF Restyle: Pop up shop

This is the last of the Perth Fashion Festival posts. During the festival, Restyle had a cute little pop up shop in the Northbridge Cultural Centre. Each day featured a different handmade and vintage label; on the day I visited, it was the turn of Awoke on a Whale Heart. There were lots of vintage dresses with so many bright prints and styles that were perfect for Spring.

This way!

I only just realised that they must’ve used chalkboard paint on the suitcases. I may be stealing this idea.

So much stuff! I wanted it all!

One of my favourite dresses

Unfortunately, this was the only photo I got of the caravan. It was so cute!

Seriously, I’m going to be keeping a look out for old suitcases from now on and find as many creative uses as I can.

This is the pond in the middle of the Cultural Centre. Remember how it used to be so gross that even the ducks never went in it? It’s been updated!

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