We would be honoured for you to join us

Finally our wedding invitations are ready to be sent out. I was not at all prepared for how long it would take. First, I had to find the colours I wanted and run some trial invites which turned out great so I went back to stock up on enough card to make 80 or so invitations. Of course, the scrapbooking shop had sold out of the card that I had deemed to be the perfect navy blue. As a result, there are about 4 different shades and textures across all the invites.

Then I organised a crafting night where myself, my mum, my soon to be mother in law and two of my bridesmaids would put together all the invites. I thought it’d take around 3 hours. After 6 hours of work (making it 1am – I had work at 7am!), we’d made it halfway through and hadn’t even made the RSVP cards or cheesy wishing well poems.

Last week, Greg and I went up to my parents to finish them and even then it took around 4 hours with myself, Greg, my mum and my sister (my dad fell asleep on the couch – wise move). We also spent quite a bit of time phoning every Big W in Perth trying to find tiny little envelopes for the RSVP cards.

And of course, I’ve realised I have none of my friends’ addresses. I know where they live, I just have no idea of street names, numbers and sometimes suburbs. This meant that I spent all of last night sending Facebook messages to everyone, wanting to know their mailing address.

But FINALLY it’s all done. Now I just need to mail them all off (this could get expensive considering how many are being sent to Canada) and we can cross at least one thing off our list.

These were the stacks of waiting to be finished invites. Each row of hearts was sewing (by machine thankfully) to make them

The completed product with invite, RSVP card and cheesy poem

A small stack of invites. There were lots of these and I really couldn’t get over how many invites we made.

My advice to anyone else making wedding invites; be prepared by how long it takes. If I knew how many late nights I would be having and how many times I would say, “really, I don’t care” over small decisions as I got tired, I might have considered buying invites off of Etsy instead.

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