outfit post

Ready for summer

I’m lucky enough to live just down the road from the beach. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I spend my days off strolling down the coast and taking a quick dip – I’ve managed two swims already and it was absolutely freezing. Over winter, I’ve been filling my wardrobe with summery dresses (because it’s always easier to op shop for the opposite season). I usually wear shorts and a singlet to the beach, but after a swim, I need to walk home and tend to veer into bathers/undies territory because it really isn’t fun walking home in damp shorts.


I decided to get some quick photos while it was sunny and I still had beach hair

Low in the front and low in the back. It ties at the front and really can only be worn over bathers.

I can see myself wearing this dress for a quick walk to the shops when I’ve run out of milk. It’s something that’s easy to throw on when I’m grumpy from not getting my morning coffee.

This was actually given to me by my Oma; she’d bought it for herself then decided it wasn’t her style so hooray, now it’s mine. It’s slightly sheer so it’s strictly beachwear but I’m still ok to walk home in it. The print is so amazing and I’ve actually had a lady chase me down the beach to ask where it came from

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