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Fast, easy finds [Part 1]

A lot of people complain that they can never find anything good at op shops. They look online at every fashion and home blog that is filled with amazing vintage clothing and unique homewares and yet when they go op shopping… nothing.

Understandably, it’s pretty hard to enjoy op shopping if you’re coming out empty handed every time.

There are a few items which tend to be easier to find treasures. These are the things I look for when I don’t have much time or I’m just not in the op shopping mood (gasp!). If you’re just starting out and perhaps feeling a little disheartened, these are the things to be looking for;


Silk scarves, lovingly knitted scarves, bright scarves, warm scarves. All kinds! These are usually hanging near the belts or shoved in a basket or similar. I’ve created a small collection of silky scarves which are perfect for greasy hair days or adding a bit of colour to an otherwise boring outfit.

Check out a whole lot of ways to wear a scarf here

You should pay around $4-6 or if you’re lucky, 50c


Near the scarf section, haha! But they should be hanging up somewhere amongst the clothing. Sometimes there’ll be two racks; one in the male and one in the female section so check both. Usually the racks are absolutely packed, so make a point of going through right to the back – if you need to, pull all the belts off the hook and put them back one at a time. You should be able to find good quality leather belts and belts with interesting buckles. If you’re looking at any plasticy belts, bend them a bit because they tend to go stiff and crack over time.

You should pay around $2-5


This is easy: find the bookshelves at the op shop and stand there and go through each and every row. I’m always surprised to find books that were only released a year or two ago, that are quite popular and look like they’ve only been read once. The only thing to look at for is books being overpriced. Have an idea of what you’d pay in a secondhand book store and compare op shops. Some titles are easy to find (pretty much any heavily hyped book or author) and can be found in most op shops. Generally, the larger op shops are more expensive so buy books from the small name stores.

Keep an eye out for interesting or odd books. I’ve listed my favourite finds here

You should pay around 50c-$4 (maybe a little more hardcovers)


[credit: all photos from Pinterest, click to go to pin]

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