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Fast, easy finds [Part 2]

Part two of op shopping for the disheartened. More things that are quick and easy to find in opshops!

Jeans (for making into shorts)

Here’s what you do; find a pair of jeans that fit around the waist. Buy them. Cut them up. Simple!

Jeans from op shops are probably going to be dated, very fashionable for the early nineties and really not wearable for anything but a dress up party. But the moment you cut them into shorts? Hey, you’re set for sunny weekends.

Look out for jeans with interesting colours, tags or pocket designs (or stud them yourself).

You should pay $1-$5.

Button up shirts

I’ve mentioned op shopping for shirts in several posts before. Button up shirts are easy to dress up, dress down or customise . If you go through the blouse or shirt section at any op shop, you can usually find business shirts, denim shirts, flannelette shirts, summery beach shirts and sheer shirts.

The main things to look out for are material (avoid polyester!) and stains and sweat marks.

You should pay $1-$5


Moving out of your parents’ home at last? Kitchen drawers looking a little empty? Listen up! You don’t need to buy a flimsy cutlery set from Target. Hidden somewhere in the homewares section of your local op shop will be a drawer full of utensils. Knives, forms, spoons, mashers, ladles, egg whisks, other strange contraptions; everything! Embrace a mismatched kitchen!

You should pay $0-4 (yep, you can get some of this stuff free)

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