music monday

Music Monday: The Saints

Music Monday is back, folks!

Today I bring you The Saints’ album, A Little Madness To Be Free.

Before I bought this album, I knew the following about The Saints;

  • They were an Australian punk band
  • They had a song called “Know Your Product” which was used as the name of a segment on Spicks and Speck

Side one definitely has the very distinctive Aussie rock band sound with a hint of what would now be called ska. Side two goes on a completely different tangent to something that definitely isn’t punk.

I did my little bit of research (looking them up on Wikipedia) and by the time this album was released (1984) they’d be around for about 10 years and were up to record number six and were probably wanting to go into interviews to talk about their “maturing as a band” and “new sound.”

But I actually really like the second side. Sorry for the cliche, but it’s full of stripped back vocals and string arrangements, is heavy on emotion and probably had people swaying with their lighters during the live show.

I hope B-B-BUCK liked it too

When I was looking online, most of the images for the album cover was very different to what I have. It was more a “wave splashing the shore” kind of thing which very much relates back to the “we’re maturing as a band.” I haven’t found much on the changes in cover art, although my version was released three years after the original release.

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