music monday

Music Monday: Dead Kennedys

I don’t know if you’ve caught on yet, but I don’t know much about punk music. But that doesn’t seem to stop me so today I’m featuring The Dead Kennedys’ Frankenchrist. My prior education on the Dead Kennedys came from Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Yep. Moving on.

Apparently this album caused a bit of controversy from a certain poster included with the album. It was a quite mesmerising illustration called ‘Penis Landscape’ by scifi illustrator, H.R. Geiger. Yes, my record still has it but no I am not going to take a picture, so Google it. It should be noted that my poster looks like it has never been hung up, which probably meant that the original owner lived at home and/or didn’t have the same punk attitude as the band.

On to the actual music, it’s not your usual hardcore punk (which is the way I like it). It’s got a bit of rockabilly, a bit of spaghetti western and lots of scathing lyrics. It’s clear these guys were the influence for a lot of contemporary bands – each song a “I’ve heard this before” moment.

Take for example;

Then listen to

Snowman – Swimming With Sharks

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