One of the easiest and most fun to change an outdated item is to bleach it. This weekend, I gave it a go.


A jacket I’ve owned for about 10 years

I got a spray bottle of Domestos and went to town. I let it dry in the sun and… nothing. There was no change at all. So I pulled out the big guns – the big bottle of bleach usually reserved for cleaning the loo. Since it wasn’t a spray bottle, I had to spread the bleach with a sponge which isn’t the most precise of methods.

Give it a really good rinse. Remember, if all the bleach isn’t rinsed out, there could be a disastrous effect when it’s put in the washing machine.


Turned out pretty good!

Next time I do this, I’ll probably try using a spray bottle again because it’s far easier to control. I think it’d be pretty good to make stencils to spray around

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