Something old

As I’ve mentioned, Greg and I got married last month.  It was an amazing day and I think everyone had fun (especially me!)

Naturally, there were a few hints of op shopped throughout the day;

Centrepieces. My mum, myself and varying helpers have been scouring op shops for a year for cute teacups. Do you know hard it is to find really nice tea sets for cheap? Really hard! In the end, we found a bunch at op shops, Freecycle and may have borrowed a few from my Oma’s cupboard. Each was filled with succulents of all types and sizes.

We decided that the tea sets needed a little extra, so we bought some old cloth bound books. Luckily there was no desperate searching for these – I knew that Good Sammys in Subiaco have heaps.

Guestbook. I’d seen this idea online a bit, but was really inspired by it being used at the First Comes Love expo. Then it just so happened that I got an old typewriter as a Christmas in July Secret Santa gift. Meant to be, right? Well my mum and I thought that people weren’t too likely to sit down and slowly type a long heartfelt message, so we ended up getting a guestbook from Kikki K and just used the typewriter as a prop by typing up a cute little poem. Well turns out that everyone loved the guestbook and were more than willing to sit there and patiently type out a message so we had to borrow extra paper from the waitstaff.

Frame. Two days before the wedding, my mum was hastily putting together our seating plan. It wasn’t quite getting that professional feel we wanted and we were low on time. We went through the garage and came out with this frame. It came out perfect!


I’d been worried that all my ideas wouldn’t work together but on the day it all looked great! The whole day was so much fun and we definitely weren’t ready to leave at midnight when the reception finished. I know the newlyweds are meant to leave before the guests but there was no way known we were leaving such a great party.


All the pictures in this post were taken by our amazing photographer, Nicolle from Nicolle Versteeg Photography. It was a pretty warm day and she made the hours spent in the sun a lot of fun and our pictures are exactly what we wanted.

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