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No one was harmed in the making of this post

Well apparently some people (my mum) have complained about how I haven’t posted here in for-ev-er. So here’s a quick update.

A while ago, I went to a vintage clothing sale. It’s one of those things where someone (usually a couple of fashion bloggers or people with enough connections to get a promotion going) hire out a local hall and sell all of their old clothes.

Now I’d heard some bad things about these. Stories of people shoving each other out of the way in the pursuit of vintage leather jackets; people hoarding every potential purchase into a corner so no one has a chance. Picture those Black Friday sales you see on tv but replace middle aged Americans with 20 year old girls and large electrical goods with vintage dresses and you’ll get the idea.

Heeding all warnings, I went to this sale just before opening. There weren’t any lines, there were only girls sitting around, one with a cute little dog. When the doors opened, we all made our way in calmly with no shoving. There was a bit of a rush as everyone tried to find the best bargain, but it was nothing worse that an op shop on a Saturday. Quite civilised, really. Since people seemed to go straight for the clothing racks, I got to be the first to try on shoes and just my luck, there were plenty in my size.

I ended up coming home with two pairs;


Leather boots to go with my almost identical but slightly higher boots.


Woven wedges to go with awkwardly long sundresses that usually only look good when I’m wearing thongs and therefore can never be worn to bars past 5pm.

I also bought some denim shorts that are high waitsed but barely cover my butt. Sorry, but that is not going on the internet.

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