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Swiss retro

After months of planning and anticipation, Greg and I finally went on our honeymoon. I am proud to say I managed to avoid most shops and stick to the sightseeing, go me.

I did have a look at one place in Lausanne, Switzerland. If I was on my own, I could’ve spent hours explore what was essentially a shed full of antiques and vintage finds but the thing about honeymoons is that they’re usually spent with another person. Lame.

I did manage to get a few hasty photos of items that I would’ve bought if a) I had cash to spare or b) It didn’t cost a ridiculous amount to ship anything to Australia.

This is a futuristic compact bar!

There were so many differently styled trunks. this one is a traveling workspace, but you could also get a case complete with shoe rack and drawers,  one that included a fold out table and another that would hang more jewellery than I own.

If you want to have a look at more great furniture, have a look at the store’s website, Port Franc – there are no prices and they don’t seem to indicate that they do web sales so it is safe to browse.

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