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All this and more

Things have been quiet around in these parts, so here’s a few quick finds;

The Scarborough Red Cross store has had a makeover. They’ve gone the way of a lot of op shops and have started to focus on vintage finds rather than just entirely second hand clothes. Usually this means that prices rise as the staff are on a lookout for anything that can be deemed vintage, but I so far, they’ve kept everything pretty reasonable. This egg shaped container thing (I don’t know what else to call it) was $4.


This peanut storage thing (once again, I’m referring to everything as ‘thing’) came from the same store. The vollies were trying to close the store early so they could go home and have a glass of wine and when I brought this to the counter with no price tag, the lady took a quick look and charged me $2. I played it cool as if $2 was all I was willing to pay and skipped home. Once again, no idea what I’m going to store in it, but it’s on “the shelf” for now.


I’m going to Bali later this week (or er… tomorrow) so I’ve been looking for a cross body bag that zips up and will hold a bottle of water and all the Bintang shirts I get convinced to buy. I couldn’t find anything in stores that fit the bill. But then I found this Revival bag at the Osbourne Park Good Sammies and it was perfect.

That shirt was also from an op shop – I can’t remember which one – but it’s soft and warm and I’ve been living in it for the last month. Another worthy addition to my check shirt collection.

3 thoughts on “All this and more

  1. I think the egg is used to hold jewelry. I know that the peanut is a lolly dish (candy dish) and they usually come with a cute little squirrel or chipmunk on top. Good find for $2!

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