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Chop it!

I don’t think I’m alone here when I say my sewing pile is legendary. As in, I continue to add to it, but almost never reduce it. Those perfect finds that need just a little shortening here, a new button there or a slight bringing in at the waist tend to sit in the pile for a while. Skirts are the biggest offender because let’s face it, it’s easy to shorten a skirt, but somehow it never happens.

So I went through some of the skirts in my pile to reassess whether they really need shortening.

Super soft Katies skirt: $10 from the Red Cross

Think I’m going to keep this one as is, I like the length and it’s actually a nice skirt.

Green Katies cheesecloth skirt: $1 at the Good Sammy

This will definitely be getting the chop. The wide waist band is wonderful and IT HAS POCKETS! But after that, it’s an awkward length and it sits strange. Also, I deeply suspect that this will be see through in the sun so I’ll have to wear tights under it and wearing tights under a long skirt is a bit too old lady for me.

Bright DIO skirt: $1 at Good Sammy

I don’t know – right now I’m bordering on chop it! but then… Back to the sewing pile for this one.

4 thoughts on “Chop it!

      1. A wise person told me once, “If it’s yes, it’s yes, if it”s no, it’s no and if it’s maybe it’s no.” I’ve always remembered that and have found it to be helpful in making hard decisions. You’re in the maybe phase, so best to keep it long until you decide an unequivocal yes,

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