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Favourites of 2012

In a few hours, I will (hopefully) be sipping Sangria on the beach to celebrate the new year. But before that happens, let me show you some of my favourite op shop finds of the year;

Lisa Ho fur coat

$50 – Good Sammies, Osborne Park

Lisa Ho rabbit fur coat - opshopped.wordpress.com

Lisa Ho coat label - opshopped.wordpress.com

I had to think about this one because it’s actual rabbit fur and I have lots of perfectly good faux fur coats and ya know, I’m vegetarian and all. But it looks like I’m winning worst vego of the year because I bought it and I wear it on the occasional cold night. In my defense, I’m planning to sell it on eBay for squillions… eventually.

Pineapple dress

$Next to nothing – Red Cross (?) Scarborough

Hawaiian pineapple dress - opshopped.wordpress.com

Pineapple dress - opshopeed.wordpress.com

I just stole the image from a previous post because this dress photographs horribly on the hanger. But during the summer months, I live in this dress. It’s perfect for every occasion. Walk on the beach? Check. Pints at the pub? Check. Night out dancing to 90’s music? Check check check.

Country Road scarf

$3.50 – Good Sammies, Osborne Park

Country Road scarf - opshopped.wordpress.com

I found this scarf as I was walking out of the op shop. The price tag was still attached, proudly declaring that some sucker paid $60 for it. Sixty-freaking-dollars and this wasn’t even silk or pure gold or anything. Some people. Well this scarf has proven to be very useful. I have a dendancy to buy work clothes and when I get home and remove the price tags and spill food on the and get cat hair all over them and then realise that what I bought is too tight and low cut for work. As a result, this scarf gets worn as a cover up for most working days.

So what amazing things did everyone else op shop this year?

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