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All that glitters

On the days where I can’t seem to get my op shop groove going, I head to the jewellery section. Most op shops have a pretty decent mix of necklaces, bracelets and if you’re lucky; a few brooches.

In particular, the glass counters at small op shops are a goldmine – I always get a little intimidated at those counters and pay and leave without getting a good look, but maybe I should stop speeding off and start having conversations with the op shop staff.

So here’s a few of my favourite jewellery finds from over the years:

mixxed brooches @ opshopped.wordpress.com

The brooch on the left is made up of a mix of watercolor, bark and dried flowers. It was amongst one of the op shopping adventures that made me realise what there was out there. Unfortunately the op shop I bought it from (Good Sammies Cannington) no longer exists.

wooden bangles @ opshopped.wordpress.com

I think I bought both of these at the same time and they work really well together

blue beaded necklace @ opshopped.wordpress.com

gold bangles @ opshopped.wordpress.com

Ever since buying these two, I’ve been on the lookout for nice gold bangles

art deco necklace @ opshopped.wordpress.com

floral brooch @ opshopped.wordpress.com

When it comes to second hand, a few missing beads or jewels isn’t necessarily a bad thing – I think it adds a bit of character.

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