Music Monday: Roy Orbison

Well I haven’t had a Music Monday post for many Mondays now but since this Monday just happens to be a freakin’ public holiday, I think it’s well time to get back to tradition. I also need a well earned break between Teen Mom episodes.

So today, I bring you Roy Orbison’s album, Mystery Girl. I can’t remember exactly where I bought it but I suspect it was at a vinyl sale that was held in a community hall in Vic Park years ago.

Roy Orbison - Mystery Girl via opshopped.wordpress.com

The album begins somewhat shakily with You Got It. I say shakily not because Orbison was a nervous singer, but rather because the record I own is either slightly scratched or warped. But hey, that just makes it authentic, right? This song is one that you’d listen to with friends at 1am when everyone has had a bottle of wine and wants to sing while swaying arm in arm. It’s kind of the Champagne Supernova of the 80’s.


Anyway, the drunken singing swaying camaraderie theme keeps going with the second track (In the Real World) although I don’t know the lyrics so it’d be a case of swaying and mumbling if it was played at an opshopped household party.

Now, we can not talk about Roy Orbison without mentioning how unbelievably cool he was.

Roy Orbison vinyl via opshopped

See? So cool. Hipsters have been trying to copy him and his dark, brooding, Ray Ban-wearing look for years. If ol’ Roy was around today, he’d have a blog or The Satorialist would be chasing him down the street.

But that brings us to the sad fact that apparently Roy Orbison died in 1988 (not long after this album was recorded) so there will be no style blogs, no revival shows and we’ll have to make do with swaying in our lounge rooms rather than at a concert. But thanks for making Wayfarers cool.

4 thoughts on “Music Monday: Roy Orbison

      1. I hear you, his songs take on a whole different meaning when you know the history behind them. Especially “Leah”….makes me sad when I hear it. Do you like the Black and White Nights concert? xx

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