Winter warmers [Part 1]

Now that Perth has finally received the memo that it is Autumn, it’s time to discuss the absolute best thing that you can find at op shops:


Seriously, winter clothes are the easiest thing to find at op shops. They’re big and bulky and easy to find. They’re always cheaper than buying new. There’s just so much great winter wear in every. single. op shop.

To prove my point, I decide to go and photograph all the wintery clothes I’ve bought from op shops. But to even further prove my point, I have too many for a single post so this is going to be a double post.

Without further adieu;


The fleece lining in this bomber jacket is removable which has made it perfect for the cold-but-not-freezing Autumn days.


Short, faux fur jacket. I’ve posted about my Lisa Ho bargain but the problem is that I’m too scared to wear it when there’s a chance I’ll spill wine on it or leave it behind somewhere. But this coat isn’t real fur so in my mind, that means it’s a bit more durable and perfectly fine to wear to bars when I’m planning on buying a bottle of wine and only asking for one glass.


Yup, it’s a denim jacket, what more is there to say? I also have a lighter blue for light blue denim occasions.


Brown coat that I bought in Melbourne – it has a hood, toggles and pockets and is everything you need in a cute coat. And when I went op shopping last weekend, I spotted several similar coats so now you have no excuse to not own one.


The biggest, comfiest cardi in the world. This is the one I wear on Friday nights when I’m having a night in or on Monday mornings when I wish it was still the weekend. Bonus comfy points for it being handmade.


And then we have the classy cardi. For around Wednesday when I want to wear something a bit nicer (houndstooth = nice, right?) and a bit interesting.That’s when this cardigan comes in.


Ok, I said the earlier cardigan was the best ever but clearly I was wrong. This cardigan with an amazing pattern and metal hardware is the best. And it was made in Norway which is basically the coldest place on Earth so you’d hope they’d make toasty warm cardigans (spoiler: they do – this cardigan is surprisingly warm).


So that’s approximately half of what I’ve got in my wardrobe. I’ll post the other half later this week. Or maybe later this month, no promises here.

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