Winter warmers [Part 2]

Well in the last week, Perth has actually felt some cold. Wet stuff has been falling from the sky causing traffic to stop (Perth drivers…)


This was one of those Melbourne coats and it’s long enough to cover my butt (important when it’s cold) but short enough to be stylish and cool and chic and all those other things that I definitely am not in the middle of winter.


And on the other end of the classy and chic spectrum, a corduroy jacket. Worn to events such as: parties where I know I’m going to be huddled by a bonfire; gigs where all the band members have longer hair than I do; farms.


Replace farms with bars and you will have occasions when this red/purple denim jacket is appropriate.


All the classy bloggers have trench coats and so do I. Unfortunately, I don’t own enough Breton stripe shirts and circle skirts to make this work, so this coat sits in my closet. Sorry, trench coat.


On the other hand, I wear this wool coat constantly. I bought it for my first big backpacking trip – Europe in the dead of winter – and it still has museum ticket stubs and a tube map in the pockets. And as you can see, my cat has made it his bed.


Then we have this leather jacket. It smells as rock n roll as it looks (smoke, beer and cat pee) so it can’t actually go in my wardrobe. Instead, it’s has to hang on the wall for all to see. Which is kinda good seeing as this is THE coolest jacket to grace this Earth. Yup, I called it.


So that all (most?) of what I have. Certainly more warm coats than there are cold days here. Maybe it’s time to redonate a few – which is bound to end with me doing a bit of browsing and replacing what I’d just donated. But get down to your local oppie because trust me, there’s no shortage of great winter wear.

coat pile

Now who wants to help me hang these all up?

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