Restyle 2013: the beginning


Day 1: Pink

A skirt I wear to work at least once a week – I think I found it at The Salvos in Osborne Park.

Skirt: Op shopped / Shirt: Jcrew / Cardigan: Op shopped



Day 2: Polka dot

I found this shirt fairly recently from the Salvos in Osborne Park. It was one of those times when I walked around the store umming and ahhing about it because I didn’t know how I’d wear it or if it fit right. I still don’t know but I cut out the shoulder pads and gave it a wear for Restyle.

Shirt: Op shopped / Jeans: Wrangler



Day 3: White shirt

I don’t wear white because it never ever stays white but how could I resist a shirt that made me look like a fancy frilled neck lizard? A white short is a bit too fancy for my business casual (emphasis on the casual) job so wearing it with jeans and a coloured cardi seems to make it a bit less “do you have a business woman special?” than usual.

Shirt: Op shopped / Jeans: Wrangler / Cardigan: Op shopped



Day 4: Mixed print

I ay have cheated by taking mixed print and making it all-the-same print. This is the skirt that I mentioned a while ago that had the tag that it was made in West Germany and it’s a little beat up so I had to do some hand sewing whilst wearing it. And by wearing it with another floral drape-y cardigan thing, I feel kind of nanna-ish but in a good way.

Skirt: Op shopped / Drape-y thing: Asos



Day 5: Sequins

And this is the point when I start to really bend the rules. They’re beads, not sequins and this top came from Etsy, not an op shop. But they’re sparkly and second hand and that ticks two boxes for me so it counts.

Top: Etsy / Skirt: Op shopped

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