Naturally, that jacket was op shopped

I’m Louise and  I began this blog as part of a University media assignment.

I grew up with parents who loved op shopping and garage sales and as a kid, this rubbed off on me. Of course, I became a teenager and embarrassment and eye-rolling overtook my love for a bargain. But it’s ok, I grew out of that and now I’m in my twenties and spend my spare time scrounging through piles of musty clothes and homewares in my search for something unique.

Op shopping means that I can buy nice things on a pretty tight budget. Plus, there’s nothing like finding that one amazing dress that no one else owns.

This blog is about everything to do with, but isn’t limited to, everything about op shopping with an emphasis on Perth op shops.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Please can you change the Lifeline shop in Kelmscott.
    Lifeline ceased operations in July 2013. In August 2013 it became 2nd Chance Op Shop. A registered charity created by the Previous Manageress and her team of Volunteers (all ex-lifeliners) who decided they would establish the Charity and Not for profit group to raise funds for local charity’s in the Community.

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