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Dinner time

When I was taking photos for my jewellery post, I rediscovered this amazing necklace my mum bought for me:

Fork nacklace //

It got me searching for other recycled cutlery jewellery and here are a few things I found;

Fork bracelet // opshoppedFork bracelet – Lally

Spoon rings // opshoppedSpoon rings – Etsy

Fork bracelet // opshoppedFork and bead bracelet – Etsy

Fork necklaces // opshoppedFork pendants – Twisted Silver Studio


I found a great tutorial on how to make rings out of cutlery at the blog, Through the Front Door.  Since op shops almost always have cutlery, it could be the cheapest jewellery you wear.


Music Monday: Roy Orbison

Well I haven’t had a Music Monday post for many Mondays now but since this Monday just happens to be a freakin’ public holiday, I think it’s well time to get back to tradition. I also need a well earned break between Teen Mom episodes.

So today, I bring you Roy Orbison’s album, Mystery Girl. I can’t remember exactly where I bought it but I suspect it was at a vinyl sale that was held in a community hall in Vic Park years ago.

Roy Orbison - Mystery Girl via

The album begins somewhat shakily with You Got It. I say shakily not because Orbison was a nervous singer, but rather because the record I own is either slightly scratched or warped. But hey, that just makes it authentic, right? This song is one that you’d listen to with friends at 1am when everyone has had a bottle of wine and wants to sing while swaying arm in arm. It’s kind of the Champagne Supernova of the 80’s.


Anyway, the drunken singing swaying camaraderie theme keeps going with the second track (In the Real World) although I don’t know the lyrics so it’d be a case of swaying and mumbling if it was played at an opshopped household party.

Now, we can not talk about Roy Orbison without mentioning how unbelievably cool he was.

Roy Orbison vinyl via opshopped

See? So cool. Hipsters have been trying to copy him and his dark, brooding, Ray Ban-wearing look for years. If ol’ Roy was around today, he’d have a blog or The Satorialist would be chasing him down the street.

But that brings us to the sad fact that apparently Roy Orbison died in 1988 (not long after this album was recorded) so there will be no style blogs, no revival shows and we’ll have to make do with swaying in our lounge rooms rather than at a concert. But thanks for making Wayfarers cool.

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All that glitters

On the days where I can’t seem to get my op shop groove going, I head to the jewellery section. Most op shops have a pretty decent mix of necklaces, bracelets and if you’re lucky; a few brooches.

In particular, the glass counters at small op shops are a goldmine – I always get a little intimidated at those counters and pay and leave without getting a good look, but maybe I should stop speeding off and start having conversations with the op shop staff.

So here’s a few of my favourite jewellery finds from over the years:

mixxed brooches @

The brooch on the left is made up of a mix of watercolor, bark and dried flowers. It was amongst one of the op shopping adventures that made me realise what there was out there. Unfortunately the op shop I bought it from (Good Sammies Cannington) no longer exists.

wooden bangles @

I think I bought both of these at the same time and they work really well together

blue beaded necklace @

gold bangles @

Ever since buying these two, I’ve been on the lookout for nice gold bangles

art deco necklace @

floral brooch @

When it comes to second hand, a few missing beads or jewels isn’t necessarily a bad thing – I think it adds a bit of character.

bought recently

Op shopping in Melbourne

For a long time, I’ve felt like the only Australian to never have been to Melbourne. All of my friends have been. Several times. Some have moved there and then sheepishly moved home a few months later. All bemoaned how awful Perth’s bars/restaurants/shopping/public transport/everything were in comparison to Melbourne.

Well last month, I finally got to see Melbourne.

There was no way I was going to Melbourne without going op shopping. Which is good because I forgot my coat and even though it was nearly summer, it was freezing. So I did a bit of research and figured out that Brunswick was where I wanted to go.

My friend, Deena came up to visit from Geelong and we were both as lost as each other but we got on a tram that we hoped would take us in the right direction. With the help of a few locals, we managed to get off at the right stop which was actually a fair walk from where we wanted to be.

The first place we stumbled across was The Brotherhood St Laurance. I’ve seen these op shops mentioned a lot in blogs, but we don’t have them in Perth so I was intrigued.

First of all, the op shop was huge. And it had everything; clothes, books, furniture… if I had this when I first moved out of home, I would’ve been very happy. The front end had a lot of vintage clothing and homewares. They were all under their own label (I can’t remember what it was) and they were a bit more expensive than your usual op shop items but seemed pretty reasonable. If memory serves me correctly, dresses were around $30-40 and were actual vintage and wearable, not 80’s monstrosities and shoes were around $15.

brotherhood op shop

This is a photo from near the back, at the furniture section. The op shop just kept going and going

After that was the rack of usual op shop clothing, including a buy one get one free sale on winter coats. I came out with an armful of options, but unfortunately most of them didn’t fit, womp womp. However, the options were good quality and well priced – I suspect the store has a high standard for what they put out on the racks.

There were so many amazing options as far as furniture and I was calculating shipping rates to Perth in my mind. I think prices were a lot better than you see in Perth – not sure if it’s something to do with the store or if there are just so much more 2nd hand furniture in Melbourne than in Perth.

I also chose out a couple of books – they were organised by genre which made it really easy to find something interesting and the prices were comparable to what I’d pay at home.

After a good hour or so at the one op shop, I ended up leaving with a scarf and two books and Deena bought some pants and a nice top.

Blue striped scarf -

Gangland and Committed -

Now let me say, one hour in a single op shop isn’t much for me. I’m sure a lot of you seasoned op shoppers are the same – how else are you going to find the best stuff?! But Deena was new to op shopping and had probably underestimated what is involved. So when we walked into a Savers (another op shop not found in WA), this was her reaction


I have to admit, even I was unprepared for Savers. It. Was. Huge. Like warehouse huge. Like Kmart huge.  Just plain huge. It was racks apon rack apon racks of clothes. Like a supermarket but instead of groceries, there was second hand stuff. They even had multiple checkouts like a supermarket.

I made it as far as the book racks before Deena suggested we come back later.

I agreed because I had my Salvos vouchers and Google maps told us that the Salvos were just a few stops away.

We managed to find the Salvos and finally found a normal sized op shop. After the two warehouse sized op shops, this was a nice change.

Once again, this op shop seemed to focus on quality over quantity in its clothing. They had some great options for shoes, all of which were – of course – slightly too big or too small for me. But luckily, they had a great selection of coats.

I did eye of this signature Burberry trench which was only $15 but it didn’t quite fit me right and wasn’t really my style so I left it behind for some lucky person.

I did however find these two snuggly coats:

Brown hooded coat -

black coat -

The brown one ended up being worn every day for the rest of my trip.

So to summarise: Melbourne op shops are huge, possibly slightly cheaper than Perth and have great quality clothing. And Melbourne as a whole was so great that I didn’t really take any holiday photos so you’re just going to have to trust me here.

And you know what? I never made it back to Savers. So I’m definitely going to have to plan another Melbourne trip just so I can spend three hours combing through the store.

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Favourites of 2012

In a few hours, I will (hopefully) be sipping Sangria on the beach to celebrate the new year. But before that happens, let me show you some of my favourite op shop finds of the year;

Lisa Ho fur coat

$50 – Good Sammies, Osborne Park

Lisa Ho rabbit fur coat -

Lisa Ho coat label -

I had to think about this one because it’s actual rabbit fur and I have lots of perfectly good faux fur coats and ya know, I’m vegetarian and all. But it looks like I’m winning worst vego of the year because I bought it and I wear it on the occasional cold night. In my defense, I’m planning to sell it on eBay for squillions… eventually.

Pineapple dress

$Next to nothing – Red Cross (?) Scarborough

Hawaiian pineapple dress -

Pineapple dress -

I just stole the image from a previous post because this dress photographs horribly on the hanger. But during the summer months, I live in this dress. It’s perfect for every occasion. Walk on the beach? Check. Pints at the pub? Check. Night out dancing to 90’s music? Check check check.

Country Road scarf

$3.50 – Good Sammies, Osborne Park

Country Road scarf -

I found this scarf as I was walking out of the op shop. The price tag was still attached, proudly declaring that some sucker paid $60 for it. Sixty-freaking-dollars and this wasn’t even silk or pure gold or anything. Some people. Well this scarf has proven to be very useful. I have a dendancy to buy work clothes and when I get home and remove the price tags and spill food on the and get cat hair all over them and then realise that what I bought is too tight and low cut for work. As a result, this scarf gets worn as a cover up for most working days.

So what amazing things did everyone else op shop this year?



So things have been a little quiet here and since Christmas is over for another year, I have a bit of extra time up my sleeve. Here’s a bit of an overview of what’s been happening here at the opshopped household;

I won the Face of Salvos comp!

Thanks to everyone who voted on the Salvos’ Facebook page – I’m having a great time spending up big, especially on work clothes which brings me to the next highlight…

I got a job!

After months of being unemployed and bored, I finally got a new job. As anyone who has been unemployed can tell you, it’s a complete funsucker. I think at one point, the government sent me a copy of my latest HELP/HECS/whatever-they-call-it debt and I can only assume that they did it to rub it in. BUT I’m fully employed and doing something productive and dare I say fun and I can afford to op shop again.


Greg and I have wanted a dog for a while (I had a tendency to hang around the dog beach just to creepily pat and play with other peoples’ dogs) but we kept making excuses; our yard is too small, we work all day, we travel too much etc etc. But I couldn’t stop browsing PetRescue for potential housemates and we eventually adopted Codie through S.A.F.E. Karratha.

He’s about four years old and a Corgi cross and he is so excitable and loyal and is really good at giving big sad eyes whenever we leave for work in the morning.

A year of marriage!

Kim Kardashian eat your heart out because Greg and I made it to one year of marriage. Being a school night, we kept it low key with an amazing dinner at Cantina 666 in Mount Lawley and some Parks and Recreation. We also recently had our wedding featured on Nouba. Nouba is a new wedding blog that focuses on creative Australian weddings with a big focus on DIY and even though our big day is over, I think I’ll be stealing some of their ideas for around the home and when I host parties.

So that’s it here at opshopped. I hope everyone had a great Christmas with friends and family and continue on to an exciting New Year’s Eve. Hopefully next year will be a little more quiet so i can spend more time on the blog and in op shops!

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Gold magazine rack

During the last vergeside collections, I found a wire magazine rack. The kind of ones that libraries use to keep their extensive Mills and Boon collection away from the other books or $2 stores use for toothbrushes or keychains or anything vessel for personally named products that make the worst gifts ever.

Anyway I had a grand idea that I could have it in my house to store my magazines or my Harry Potter books – I probably stole this idea from a blog but I’m going to claim this idea as my own.

Now the reason that this was on the side of road was because it was old, rusty and the white rubber that covered the wire had gone hard and cracked.

Basically a big mess

But it’s ok, right? I can handle this because I’m good at DIYing and all that fancy stuff. Yeah, no. Chipping away that plastic was the worst, most awful thing.

My mum came over for a nice, relaxing visit and ended up having to help me out

I put some newspaper down to collect the plastic crackles but they just went everywhere

So this literally took months to do. Every time I went outside, I’d try and chip off a little bit more. On sunny weekends, I’d sit there and chip away while my cat climbed trees and jumped the fence and generally acted like a cat.

A few weekends ago, the weather warmed up and there was a hint of Spring and I decided to reclaim my courtyard by finishing this project at last. Even though there were little bits of plastic in some corners, I decided it was just too much work and who really cares anyway?

I will now give you a chance to complain about them lazy Gen Ys:

Done? OK good. So I sanded off as much of the rust as I good, wiped it all down with a damp cloth and sprayed on some primer.

So after a couple of layers, it was time for the fun part.

Now when it comes to painting something, I like to ask myself, ‘how can I make this as tacky as possible?’ and 99% of the time, the answer is gold. Always gold.

Since I don’t know much about spray paint, I went with the advice of the people at Bunnings and bought the more expensive but much better brand. That’s the one on the left. Now I don’t know if I got a faulty can or what but as you’ve probably figured from the photo, it dripped all over my hands, the spraycan, the ground… basically anywhere but the rack I was trying to paint. It literally covered only about half the rack. So I went back, bought the cheapie brand and it did two layers and I still have a bit left in the can. Lesson of the day: buy the cheap stuff.

Oh and I should probably mention that spray paint goes everywhere, especially when you can’t be bothered with using enough newspaper to cover the ground and now my backyard is gold.

Anyway, I let it dry for a day and ta da! This is the result;

Pretty speccy, eh? Now I can feel like I have a library in my house AND I can show off my collection of angry feminist magazines.